Can't update Manjaro through Add/Remove software

Recently, when I try to update the OS through Add/Remove software, this error occurs. Unacceptable TLS certificate
Synchronizing package databases...
unable to lock database
Failed to synchronize databases Unacceptable TLS certificate
Failed to synchronize AUR database Unacceptable TLS certificate Unacceptable TLS certificate
Cloning google-chrome build files...
Generating google-chrome information...
Checking google-chrome dependencies...
Cloning visual-studio-code-bin build files...
Generating visual-studio-code-bin information...
Checking visual-studio-code-bin dependencies...
Failed to prepare transaction:
invalid or corrupted database
Transaction cancelled. Unacceptable TLS certificate

How to solve this issue?
Need Help.

I guess you didn’t see this one:

Pamac fails to synchronise due unacceptable TLS certificate

Did you search before asking?
I’m pretty sure the answer to that is a “no”.

be that as it may:

Hi @dilmax, and welcome!

I’m not sure what would be necessary GUI-wise, but I can guide you through what I think will fix it with the CLI, which I suspect will also fix it in the GUI.

For that I think you’ll have to refresh your mirror pool and then force-update said databases:

  1. To refresh your mirror pool to the 5 fastest mirrors, based on your IP and thus location, run:
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack=5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
  1. Then force-refresh the databases:
pamac update --force-refresh

Hope this helps!


The error they are seeing is from AUR and has nothing to do with the mirrors.

It would add the --no-aur flag to only update packages from the repos:
pamac update --force-refresh --no-aur


Now it is working, Thank you for your kind support.

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