Can't update manjaro since days

Hi! This is my first post and I would like to thank you all for the support. Switching to Manjaro after some time with Arch. Now I expose my problem. I’m trying to update the system since a couple of days, but pacman tells me that there’s nothing to do, wich I find strange. Is it normal with manjaro? Thanx for the help.

If you are on Stable, updates aren’t daily, and are usually announced.

Hello and welcome to Manjaro!

I guess you are totally fine, and there is actually nothing to do. Manjaro is not completely rolling like Arch, but gathering and testing packages before releasing them. Assuming you are on the stable branch, you can check the update announcements here Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum (do not forget to read before doing the update) and check Manjaro - Fresh & Stable for a general overview of how things work.


If you switch to unstable branch, you’ll have daily updates quite the same as Arch.

Thank you all for the answers. Sincerely I don’t know if I am on stable version.
cat /etc//lsb-release
How may I switch to instable version? And is it safe to do so? Thanx again-

If you installed Manjaro and did not do anything to change the branch it should be stable. You can check your mirrorlist (/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist) to see which mirrors are used for updates. As for changing branches I do not know, you might want to do a little forum search on that.

Thanx highflyer, I’m on stable and for the moment I will stick with it. And I’m really liking Manjaro. Thank you all for your help!

pacman-mirrors -G

should tell you which branch you are using.

# From man pacman-mirrors: Return branch from configuration
pacman-mirrors --get-branch (-G is the short form of the option)

# Print config file to console
cat /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf

This thread might have be helpful: Manjaro 20.2 update?

In this forum, watch the Announcements Category. Pay particular attention to the subcategories of Releases and Stable Updates.

Tx cscs, I’m using stable definetly.

Stable! Thanks for your help stargazer