Can't update anymore, can't retrieve core.db and others




I can’t update my distrib anymore, I get a message “can’t retrieve core.db, 404”.
I searched a bit on the net and:

  • my harddrive has enough space left, and I cleared the cache just in case
  • I updated my mirror with sudo pacman-mirrors -f10, and also pacman-mirrors -c France, the mirrors were online when I tested it (yesterday and today)
  • after pacman-mirrors, I did pacman -Syy, 404 here aswell.

any ideas what’s happening? How can I fix this?


Have you tried refreshing mirrors and updating without limiting them to France only? So…

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 0 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Also, you do have a working network, right?


This can happen if the mirror is in the process of synchronising the package data.

If you have multiple mirrors added (e.g. you’ve done pacman-mirrors -f10) pacman will try several mirrors.

If you’re still getting 404s… are you running 64-bit or 32-bit?


I’m running 32 bits. I remember Arch dropped support for 32 bits, could it be the reason?


That is EXACTLY your problem. Look in to the thread about manjaro32 :slight_smile:


edit: let me read the post first, I guess the answer is in there, thanks :slight_smile:

is it possible to switch to this distro without reinstalling? how do I do that?


Yeah all info you need should be in that post somewhere. No reinstall needed :slight_smile:


If you have a 64 Bit cpu (Intel i7 7700HQ ?? ,how many ram do u you have?), a fresh install with the latest iso would be good. Otherwise look for 32 bit distros.


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