Cant Switch default Icon from xfce / Whisker menu

Hello I m a new user of Linux, I m running Manjaro XFCE 313. I want to change the Icon of an application that I registered by my self in the Whisker / Xfce menue with alacarte, but everytime after switching the Icon and klick on OK it is not saving the Icon. Does anyone know why this happen?

In whisker menue only the default gear icon is shown up.

Do you have the same issue when editing with menulibre instead? Also i believe this is the menu editor installed by default on Xfce…

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Hey thanks for your fast Reply how do I switch back to menulibre I dont know how to open menulibre because whisker is installed

Install menulibre and search for “Menu Editor”.

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I have Community/menulibre 2.2.3-1 (295.7 KiB 1.7 MiB) (Installed)

but I dont know where to search I tryed on catfish but i could not find it.

I got it and it is working Thank you so much!!!

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