Can't switch audio output from hdmi to wired speaker (newbie)

I’m a newbie non-programmer type trying to play audio through speakers via an aux cable. Works in windows, but I can’t switch audio away from monitor in manjaro i3. Pavcontrol only lists hdmi connection as an audio output.

This might not help as I am using PulseAudio for sound but try to see for the "Show: " section on the bottom right corner of the screenshot below. Change it to All Output Devices and your AUX Cable should be visible.

When an AUX Cable is plugged in for me, the port in the output device must be changed. It usually happens automatically but here is a screenshot to understand

Thanks for the response. No, pavucontrol already shows “All output devices.” I solved the problem the easy way, by buying a usb-c to aux adapter cable. USB devices show up but not an aux cable connection, for some reason.