Can't stop Memtest86

I have a problem:
When i start my computer it doesn’t start manjaro: it starts Memtest; I used “esc” but it only says “Halting” and doesn’t happen anything.
Helpppppppp pleaseee!
I’m using a toshiba satellite c55 with manjaro( I installed it yesterday).


only way is CTRL + ALT + DEL to reboot the PC. Then hold SHIFT to enter the grub menu. The selection you make here will be saved for the next boot by default.


I did but there is only one thing to select: “Memory tester (memtest86+)”
Whan can I do?

2 things could have happened:

  1. Grub is not installed correctly
  2. You have uninstalled all kernels.

The only way is now booting with manjaro boot disk and chroot there to the local disk and fix it.

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Ok, thanks you very much :frowning:

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