Can't seem to maintain resolution less than 4K UHD

I installed the XFCE version of Manjaro today and my monitor is 4K UHD connected via HDMI. I used settings to change it to my desired resolution of 1920x1080@60. That works and returns to that setting on reboot. However, If I switch the monitor HDMI input away from the PC and then later back to the PC the resolution goes back to 4k UHD.

On the same hardware I don’t have this problem on Arch with KDE Plasma.

I think there might be a way to force a given EDID file containing the settings I want, but not sure of the process with XFCE.

I’d also like to configure lightdm to use a larger font as well. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you set up a profile for that monitor?

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I have just set up a profile but I have not found that to work consistently. If I switch the TV to another HDMI channel and later back it will work. But If I switch the TV HDMI channel and then power off the TV it will go back to the TV’s native resolution of 4K

BTW, this is an issue on Manjaro Plasma or Archlinux/KDE Plasma on the same hardware.

Would your TV have any settings related to this?

not that I can find. However, in the last year I’ve run on this TV a number of test setups. Gnome, KDE, PopOS, EndeavorOS, Archlinux. Only XFCE has this issue.

This was just a test. Since it didn’t work and there’s no simple fix, I moved back to Archlinux KDE using the archinstall script. So far that issue with the resolution has not materialized.