Can't see the dash in the dock

Hi everyone. I’ve been having some trouble with the lastest updates.
I thought it was my fault because I ran a script to use conky and make it run from the start, I saved it to /etc/profile.d/ and then reboot and log in and I noticed something was going wrong. After loggin in it went back to log in menu, it was a loop. An user from here told me to boot using live usb and then use manjaro chroot, find the file and remove it. I did it and it worked.
I thought that it was done but then I noticed the top bar changed its color from black to grey, the date moved from the center to the side, activities was gone and the dash in the dock was no longer available. I tried using Super key and Super+A shortcut but none of them worked.
I got confused, so I asked afriend who is a sysadmin and he told me to remove my window manager file/directory to start a new configuration on next reboot.
He thought I use gnome as window manager, but it’s mutter so I told him but he couldn’t help me because he doesn’t use it so he had no idea and told me to search online.
I’ve been reading here that many users have similar trouble with the lastest updates.
Today just installed the last version of Manjaro in virtual machine. It seemed to work well, I also updated and many apps and the extensions worked too. but had some trouble after pressing Super key or Super+A, it freezes.
So I don’t know what to do do. Should I wait for next updates or should I downgrade?
I have no idea how to downgrade, but if I keep with this version I only can open few apps because don’t know how to run many of them from terminal (I’m not a pro user yet).
Hope everyone can give me a good advice.