Can't see disk partitions in Manjaro

I bought a new machine - the HP Spectre x360. It comes with a Windows 11 installation and Intel’s “Optane” feature and a TB SSD.

I want to install Manjaro in a dual-boot scenario. In Windows, I shrunk the Windows partitions to leave open free space that I want to use for Manjaro.

I downloaded the Manjaro Live USB, but when I boot into it and open the installer, I see the 1TB disk as “empty” and do not see the 3 existing partitions on it. My only option is to utilize the entire disk. What am I missing?

Some things I have done already:

  • Disabled Windows’ Fast Boot
  • Disabled Secure Boot from BIOS
  • Made sure Windows is not encrypted (disabled Bitlocker)
  • Ensured that both Window and the LiveUSB boot in UEFI mode.
  • Disabled Intel’s Optane from BIOS.

What else can I do?


How does Windows 11 view the computer’s storage? As a single “space” or multiple drives?

Does the BIOS have a “RAID” feature enabled?

Be careful when playing with such options, because sometimes they are one-way and can lose your data.

I retract the question. I ended up disabling Octane in BIOS (it didn’t save the first time), and that made windows unbootable entirely. I just ended up taking the whole disk for Linux.

For anyone who visits this in the future, I don’t know why disabling octane would make the windows boot manager unavailable, perhaps the boot paths(?) were stored in octane and it forgot those were.

Also @winnie, to answer your question - Windows saw 3 partitions on a single disk. The BIOS did not have a RAID feature as far as I could tell. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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