Can't satisfy dependencies because of dependency cycle

When updating through either pacman or yay I get this error:

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing poppler (22.02.0-2) breaks dependency 'poppler=22.01.0' required by lib32-poppler
:: installing poppler-glib (22.02.0-2) breaks dependency 'poppler-glib=22.01.0' required by lib32-poppler-glib

How do I get around this?

Temporarily remove lib32-poppler & lib32-poppler-glib:

sudo pacman -Rdd lib32-poppler lib32-poppler-glib

Update repo packages, then reinstall lib32-poppler & lib32-poppler-glib:

yay -S --asdeps lib32-poppler lib32-poppler-glib