Can't run proton games

I’ve just installed Manjaro KDE plasma, and followed the usual steps to getting proton working through steam (steam play > compatibility > enable proton etc.).

However, when pressing play, nothing happens. I’ve done a lot of googling but nothing seems to work.

I have a Radeon 5700xt GPU

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  1. Is vulkan working?
  2. Some older games do not work well with vulkan. Try to add
    PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%
    to the startup options of the game. It can be possible that it works with OpenGL instead of Vulkan.
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Turns out the main problem seemed to be that all my games were stored on NTFS instead of ext4 (i felt pretty stupid when i figured that out :roll_eyes:), although i was under the impression linux could run files off NTFS file format without issue anyway, so i’m a bit confused on that front…

But anyway, my main problem is solved. There are still a couple games that don’t run, and most of the games that do run struggle to do so more than expected (even with the inherent issues gaming on proton causes), but it’ll be more appropriate for me to consult proton tweaks and forums than to ask here, so i’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for your help, i’ll keep the PROTON_USE_WINED3D command in mind, and i’ll keep those posting guides handy for the next time i ask a question here…


Linux can read and write NTFS, yes.

But Steam & Proton is a different story. It is not recommended to run on NTFS for games.

You can read more about it on /r/linux_gaming

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