Can't restore Grub bootloader

Hello community!
First of all, I run on an ASUS x541UJ, already configured to dual-boot Windows and Manjaro using UEFI.
After a failed system update which made me to force restart the computer, I noticed Manjaro wasn’t listed anymore on the GRUB menu (it did load GRUB but with the sole option of booting into Windows)
I figured out the Manjaro EFI bootloader may have been corrupted due to that restart, so I followed the instructions on the Manjaro wiki (GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader), using the latest USB image to chroot in the HDD and try to finish all updates and restore GRUB.
Everything seemed to work fine, no error messages whatsoever. I then tried to reboot Manjaro from HDD but now it doesn’t even load GRUB.
The computer shows the ASUS logo for some seconds, as attempting to boot Manjaro, then shuts down and restarts into the UEFI setup.
I’ve tried to follow again the wiki’s instructions several times without success, the result being always the above mentioned.
Anybody would have a clue of how to solve this without reinstalling everything again and losing all data?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Since you force restarted the computer while the dirty memory was likely not yet written to disk, chances are very low on actually solving the issue. If you made a backup with timeshift or another backup utility, you should able to revert to the previous state with a good chance of a working system. If you don’t have a backup to restore from the only thing i can recommend is to save the important data via a live system and then reinstall.

Please let this be a lesson on why backups are important and when having a problem, beeing proactive in gathering info and careful in actions is a good habit.

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Fortunately, all my important files are backed up on the cloud. I’ll see how I can handle the re-install and if I could keep most programs and configuration.
I had to force restart because I let the computer do its thing and when I came back to check the update status, it didn’t recognize my user’s password and got stuck at the lock screen. I tried typing it various times, assuring every char was correct, without success. That’s why I had to come to that last ressort.
Thanks for the advice, take for sure I’ve taken note of it!