Can't remove breath panel


I’m new to Manjaro and I am clicking here and there. It’s fabulous how it can be modified in look and feel.

But I am trying hard to remove the panels I’ve created (breathe panels and empty ones) that are now set on each side and on top of the screen.

One can only add and not remove? Lol

Right click the panel > Enter edit mode > More options > Remove panel.

I can imagine it’s there but I have no access to the “remove panel” button. The top of the options panel is hidden by the panel which has been set on top of the screen.

And the options panel is not scroll-able…

Then drag the top panel to bottom for the time being and later put it back there. :man_shrugging:

The panels won’t move…

The best thing to do here would be to select a different "Global” theme (select “Use desktop layout from theme”). This will set desktop items to that theme default and remove those panels and then you can start fresh from there.

It’s certainly a good idea but too complicated for me at this stage… But I finally found a solution…

Actually, one need to enter the edit mode and then alternate right clicks and left clicks on each of the created panels. The option “remove” is offered there and must be confirmed with a second click. At least 4 or 5 clicks to get rid of the thing!

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