Can't remember from where I got LBRY

Now I Have LBRY on my manjaro.
It asks for an update and of-course I can’t update as long as it is deb
And I can’t remember how I downloaded it .
It doesn’t appear in : snap list ,
nor in flatpak list
And it is not an AppImage
although it works very fine
I wish I could remove it completely
I am a new comer to Manjaro linux
any help ? and pls make it step by step .

There’s an AppImage available on their website (which you probably are using) or it’s available in the AUR (Arch User Repository) as lbry-app-bin.

Removing an AppImage is as simple as removing the file, probably in your ~/Downloads/ or ~/Applications/ folder.

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No it is not an AppImage

can test:

grep -Ei "^Exec.*lbry" ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop
grep -Ei "^Exec.*lbry" /usr/share/applications/*.desktop

whereis lbry
pacman -Qo lbry

if pacman -Qo lbry return a package, you are the aur package

pacman -Qo lbry
error: No package owns lbry