Can't reinstall Manjaro

Acer Aspire VX-15
Intel 630(i think…)
Nvidia GTX 1050m

When i first installed manjaro everything worked beside bumblebee. It couldn’t find Nvidia graphic card no matter what. I tried sevral other soultions but finally manjaro stopped working after optimus-manager, system just froze up after trying to shutdown/reboot/hibernate/swtiching cards + after reboot it always started with brightness to 0%(totally black screen). Troubleshooting from forum or documentation didn;t helped. So i tried to reinstall whole system(as I had separate partitions for /home and /).
Reinstallation worked just fine but after problems with freezing didn’t stop. So i decided to wiped out both partitions, and reinstall from scratch AND…
When i try to install manjaro from usb stick everything goes fine till 76% of isntallation when, guess what, whole system freezes. It’s called ‘Configuring Hardware’ so…anyone know how to work around it? How to properly setup graphic drivers step by step for this card? For several months i used to use manjaro i loved it and I don’t want to try any other distro.

I hate to be a downer but it sounds like your graphic card is busted.

In what sense? For Manjaro/Linux as a whole/Everything? Cuz I am using it right now for games(dual boot)

Re-reading your first post i think I misunderstood it first.
It might not be BROKEN, just not able to be detected by Manjaro.

Did you pick “Non Free” when booting into the live image?

I forget about that, gonna try in 2 h when i get back home.

I think that’s the best bet to get the correct drivers installed. Good luck!

My Advice here is
after you make sure your card is working reinstall fresh and dont touch the drivers
you will still be ok

your system may just not really like bumblebee, if you want a good solid setup, do a fresh install of manjaro using the “free” drivers (these are less problematic and easier to remove/replace)

after manjaro is installed,

sudo pacman-mirrors -f8 && sudo pacman -Syyu

now setup PRIME or optimus-switch . both of these options use the proprietary video-nvidia drivers, perform much better, and are more stable than bumblebee. (not to be confused with optimus-manager, not the same thing)

both of those 2 i just suggested should give you a good solid setup, optimus-switch just has the added ability to switch between intel-only mode (for best battery life) and nvidia prime mode(best performance)

here is a comparison of different optimus options

Proprietary drivers always work better when it comes to NVIDIA. In fact, unless you have a semi-religious attitude towards Open Source, I strongly suggest picking “non free” every. time.

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Thats what I am trying to say here
Thanks man :slight_smile:

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