Can't rebuild pamac packages

before find if this packages exists :wink:

pamac build is for aur and these packages are old manjaro package

They are all non-existent.
They arent in the repos or the AUR.

Guys, but the pamac list -qm shows us list of foreign packages (AUR, I suppose?) and we give that list to pamac in order to rebuild packages the user have.

I see
[aur-requests] [PRQ#28842] Deletion Request for popcorntime-ru-bin

foreign … yes … where they are from or anything … no.
And … obviously there is nothing to do with them because no sources have them.
They may have been installed from the repos OR AUR OR from a manually created PKGBUILD, or found under the porch … but they arent served from anywhere now.
The most orphan of orphans.

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Became unmaintained?

package not in current repos at this time :wink: install by aur, old perso repo, pacman -U (from ?other linux?), local pkgbuild, or no longer exists (as here)

As noted above … some are AUR packages that simply dont exist anymore … others, like mhwd-nvidia-340 was a manjaro package from a long while back.
It kinda doesnt matter … what it does probably mean is that this system has not been regularly maintained.

Of course the system is maintained, I run pamac update every so often. But just because a package is removed from AUR it’s not to be removed from my system. If it works why would I?

Tribble, so
to say good bye for them
to continue to use until it will produce an erorrs while working.

But be aware: unmaintained packages could have unfixed security vulnerabilities and can be a gates to penetrate other stuff onto your PC, it is your choice to leave them or to find alternatives.

Well its been about a year since 340 was dropped…

And I noticed your giant signature thread

This all looks like a not-so-maintained system to me :woman_shrugging:

linux-latest linux-latest-headers, not works :wink: and are old manjaro
you just never use them (yes, you can keep in a corner at home your old television which does not work since years, at best it takes place for nothing)

that could be damage if local keyring caused by storage failure or electricity blackout (suddenly disappearing) - may be only files damage it was.

I have no idea how a power outage results in keeping packages for a year and having outdated signatures (from however long) … maybe if its during just about every update in between? … then the system has been in a constantly broken state for that long and I am surprised it went this far … but also, such a situation does not lend itself to a rolling system either … but … sure … whatever.

The point isnt so much the cause in any case … the ‘problem’ is diagnosed and the ‘solution’ has been named.

Replaced popcorntime-ru-bin with popcorntime and works perfect. Had to add API servers “” but anything else.

Tribble, you can find more outdated stuff:

To list all packages no longer required as dependencies (orphans):
$ pacman -Qdt

(pacman - ArchWiki)

Or even to remove them also: pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

You got the package lists to check :slight_smile:

Also did

pamac remove google-play-music-desktop-player-bin linux-latest linux-latest-headers mhwd-nvidia-340xx linux-latest-virtualbox-host-modules

Also replaced breath2-wallpaper with breath-classic-theme-git.

Couldn’t install breath-classic-theme-git:

Also replaced libopenaptx with libopenaptx-git.

Is this update error an issue or no? Missing AUR Packages: libopenaptx