Can't Print to Brother-HL2280DW



Please see a previous post for details of my setup

I installed the driver from the AUR. I set up the printer through system-config-printer.

However, when I print a test page, CUPS says that the printer is processing the job and then says “The printer is not responding.”

I’m pretty sure this is an Arch/Manjaro specific issue. I’ve had no hassles with setting up this printer from Windows or from Ubuntu. However, I’ve had the same problem on another machine running Arch.

Any ideas what to do to set up the printer properly?


[Avahi] Add mdns4_minimal in nsswitch.conf

Please see this link:

any help ?


Hi - I am using a HL2240 but I recon they should be very similar.
Maybe there exist some PPD files for HL2280 as well

I use the ppd files found on Some of the steps are probably not needed but I usually do in order

  • I install manjaro-printer meta pkg
  • I enable and start org.cups.cupsd.service
  • I create a folder /usr/share/ppd/Brother
  • I copy the ppd files from above site to the Brother folder
  • Launch system-config-printer and Add printer
  • Works every time - hope it does for you too.

A package exist in AUR

EDIT aargh :blush: I didn’t see you had installed the driver from AUR.

Uninstall the AUR package - extract the PPD files from the package and try above recipe.

Are you printing through wireless?


Is it connected via USB or via WiFi?


@Photon It’s connected over wireless.

@fhdk Didn’t see a PPD for the HL2280 on that site. Are the ppd files interchangeable?

Also, FWIW, I can’t do much on system-config-printer without running it via gksu. I get the following error when I click “unlock”:

( Gtk-WARNING **: Error acquiring permission: Failed to acquire permission for action-id org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.all-edit

Not sure if this is normal or if there’s some sort of permissions issue or something?


Maybe try a direct USB connection?

Googling the error in your last post

gives some hits which seem helpful, did you have a look at them?


I’m still not sure why this works but I did fix the problem.

Following the advice of the Arch Wiki (CUPS/Troubleshooting), I set up Avahi hostname resolution (it’s a lot easier than it may sound). Thanks to @cscs who correctly identified this as the problem in their first post. Unfortunately that link went over my head, so I apologize to everyone who replied later on in the thread for wasting your time.

Anyway, once I set that up, system-config-printer now lists two available printers:

Anyway, it was this second printer with the specific IP address that worked properly.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!


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