Can't play steam games after upgrade

VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)
I use kernel 6.2.16-2

This kernel was dropped long time ago. Install newer and supported kernel.

I use 6.1 which comes up as Manjaro’s latest LTS kernel, also having even older LTS kernels. I would need a really good reason to run a non-LTS kernel.

But it is impossible to troubleshoot games broke without error messages, what was updated, etc.

I installed kernel 6.5.1, it’s the same, game disappears a few seconds after launching.

Two stable releases broke Diablo 4 for me, see below:

2023-08-11 - Working fine
2023-08-29 - issued
2023-09-10 - issued

So I’m using Timeshift to rollback and keep using 2023-08-11 until the issue is fixed at some point. Did you tried to rollback to a version that Steam was working fine for you?

I don’t want to rollback, any other solutions?

Wait future released,

My issue was just fixed in the 2023-09-18 Stable release.