Can't play 60fps video on youtube

i tried manjaro on live usb booted with proprieatory driver 720p60 looks good but 1080p still lags but not much tested with open source drivers 720p60 and 1080p60 lagged

my laptop’s original power adapter is broken so now i am using an alternate power adapter (it is not original it is my dad’s laptop power adapter) even when i was using the original adapter 1080p60 lagged because it was frayed for a long time since the last few months when i plugged in my adapter it will show charging but there will be no timestamp as when it will completely charge at certain positions the laptop will charge so i am not sure it is a hardware or software issue

intel speed test is enabled in bios but still the maximum clock speed is 798Mhz i think using the laptop with non-original charger is hindering with clock speeds i downloaded youtube videos and 1080p60 videos are running smooth no problem at all i think the problem is with browser or drivers

the problem beside your low clock speed is that no browser on linux uses hardware video acceleration out of the box. this basically means your cpu usage is way higher than it can be and therefore 1080p60 youtube lags on your laptop.

Just follow the steps in my post before and the problem is gone.

now the problem is fixed clock speeds are higher now after i have changed the adapter and 1080p60 is smooth

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your solution worked thanks i figured the problem was with low clock speeds combined with hardware acceleration problems from the posts thanks

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