Cant open the settings App


Hi! I am new to Manjaro. It works good. But was facing some boot time issues.

Now, I have noticed this issue. That I can not access my settings app.
Yes, Everytime, I click on it and the cursor turns into processing one, revolves, with settings written on top bar and a circle revolves a bit. Then, nothing happens.

I would be really glad if someone can help me with this!
Warm Regards

Which Manjaro edition did you install? It’s a little hard to help without knowing at least that as settings are completely different depending on the DE (Desktop Environment) or WM (Window Manager).

Thanks for the reply.
I am on DE. Gnome version (21.3.7)

Please run gnome-control-center from the terminal and post the output using proper formatting.

The current GNOME version is actually 42.4. 21.3.7 is the Manjaro version. :wink:

Sorry about that. I was talking about Manjaro version only
Ran gnome-control-center and it gave the following result:-

gnome-control-center: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I hope the formatting is correct, btw.

Thank you for the reply again :smiley:

That library belongs to smbclient which gnome-control-center depends on. Perhaps reinstall them:

sudo pacman -Syu gnome-control-center && sudo pacman -S --asdeps smbclient


Thank you so much!
I uninstalled and installed gnome control centre as well. But it did not help.

But, this did. Thank you so much! :smiley:

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