Can't open system apps 2 monitors confused the system I guess

I updated my PC from 8700k+z370+3080ti to 12700k+z690+3080ti.

The 3 monitors works fine in the old system but now the 3 monitors confused the system, system apps such as dolphin and terminal, etc, won’t open. When i tried to run dolphin in Konsole it says “segmentation fault (core dumped) dolphin”.
Two monitors sometimes work, but sometimes the second monitor can’t not turn on. Those monitor work individually.

Any idea where I should start to troubleshooting? Thanks.

I came across a solution by trial and error.
I switched the HDMI input of the two HDMI monitors, now those apps can be opened without any problems when I have 3 monitors used simultaneously.

I have no idea why it matters which monitor plugs in which HDMI of GPU. Currently, the primary display is plugged into hdmi-0. Originally the primary monitor was plugged into HDMI-1.

There is another issue that the monitor arrangments wouldn’t save; every time I boot, I have to repeat the configuration. I assume the configuration will be store somewhere by default, I don’t know where it is supposed to be by default so I use nv software to save the configuration file to /etc/x11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf. Now the configuration stays.

The original nvidia.conf lacks the monitor arrangement information which is why I have to re-configurate when I reboot into the system. However in my old machine I never set up the nvidia.conf in the root directory, the systems remember the arrangement of the monitor and must have saved it somewhere in the home directory. Where is the memory stored in manjaro?