Can't open files as administrator

I’m trying to install a theme and then copy it to the /usr/share/themes but when I try to do it, it says "“Permissions do not allow pasting files in this directory.”. So, I try to open the folders as administrator but then, it says “This location could not be displayed. Sorry, could not display all the contents of “usr”; The specified location is not supported.”. Can you help me solve this?

Copy the theme to your home folder - either use a new folder named ~/.themes or create a folder in /.local/share/themes.

If you must use the system location - you will have to use the terminal.

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It’s an issue with gvfs 1.48.0-2
You can open nautilus as admin with following commands:

pkexec nautilus


zensu nautilus

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You already received an answer on your Reddit post, why are you asking again here?