Can't move files to new hard drive

I am running out of room on my 500gb nvme drive so I have added a 1 tb nvme drive to my machine. I am running KDE. I managed to mount it but i can’t move files to it. I checked the permissions with dolphin and found the owner to be root. I don’t how to change this, or if it even matters. Please advise

If you want to use the GUI in dolphin, just right click an empty space in the drive, and change ownership.

In CLI, you can use chown:

chown -R <user>:<user> <path to drive or folder>

Substitute <user> with your user name. And put the path to drive in the other.

i.e. chown -R cehelmuth:cehelmuth /mnt/HDD2

Thank you! This did the trick

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done thank you again

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