Cant mount secondary HDD

It looks like it was created within a “DDF” container (Disk Data Format).

Not sure if it was done via some software under Windows.

If you want to give this a shot:

sudo mkdir /mnt/temp

sudo mount -t ntfs3 -o ro /dev/md126p1 /mnt/temp

Wow, it worked! Thanks.




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It might take a bit, theres 337.9GB of data on there, and I dont have any external storage that could store that much. Is there any cloud storage alternative that I could use? Can I keep using this drive?

This is up to you and how much you value the data. Digital storage is not infallible. If money is an issue, which I completely understand, you just have to realize you’re walking on thin ice. You’re using a non-native filesystem on Linux, within a DDF container, and you don’t even have a need for such a convoluted setup since you’re not even using Windows anymore.

Technically, yes. You just have to mount it with “rw” (read-write mode) instead of “ro” (read-only mode). However, if this was my setup, I would not write any new data to it, but rather make a backup (or two backups!), and then reformat it as a simple ext4 filesystem. Copy everything over. Make sure it looks good. Then just use it as a basic read-write secondary HDD once again.

I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but this is a picture-perfect example of someone who will later ask for help on how to recover their lost or inaccessible important, precious, and sentimental data. It’s 100% bound to happen if you don’t change your setup.


Thats awesome. I’ll copy and reformat it as soon as I can, I’m about to order a 512GB flash drive right now.

You better make sure everything copied 100%. I’d use a tool like rsync since it verifies integrity during transfer.

As a side note, USB flash drives (aka “thumb drives”) are not as reliable for longterm storage, and they tend to choke when transfering large amounts of data.

You sure you can’t get a 1TB external HDD for the same amount of money or even less?

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No kidding. It may just be the read and write on the drive, but it took about 6 hours to copy everything from my dads old laptop running XP.

I didn’t think about that. Maybe, I found a 512GB SanDisk flash drive for $50, but I’ll be on the hunt for an external HDD.

Go with the external HDD over the flash stick.

Looking at the cost for external HDDs, I am for sure going for the HDD. I cant stop grinning.

This issue still stands, however. I’ll make a new post about it if I can’t solve it myself, but first I am copying the data that I just recovered.

That’s unrelated to the issue of this thread.

But to that point, the GPT is on sda, not sda1.

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