cant login to lightdm

From @AgentS ?

$ sudo -H DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

Yeah, i knew i had messed up when i had rebooted, didn't know about that option. Won't make that mistake again.

Managed to get lightdm working again by installing lightdm-gtk-greeter despite me never uninstalling it.

Also fixed the issue where it fails to authenticate. when lightdm failed to load i noticed i couldn't even login to a tty with my "defualt" account. I shortly remembered i tried changing the default shell, changed it back and it to the correct path and it now works.

lightdm still doesn't have auto login and it doesn't look as nice as what it used to, but at lease it works now.

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Have you set it up? How?

Famous words!! :rofl:

I basiclly copied the config SGS put in but changed the background. Anyway i can get the original config that it came with, i never changed it.

i think during one of the pacman upgrades it might have asked to replace it.

That's a kind of desperate move... Don't panic!! @sgs may have different preferences than you. Your system should be treated with respect.

You are the System Administrator!

The conf file includes info for each option. You can also read man lightdm

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Better read slowly and double. And as allways backup a running system then start changing something :slight_smile:

How do i find what lightdm themes are installed?

pacman -Qs lightdm

For more themes

trizen lightdm theme
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Yeah i just installed lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings and it lists all of the themes.
Finally got something that looks like it used to and have got auto-login working again.

Thanks for your help guys.


So, in this forum the solution goes to the solution not to the people what use the hint :slight_smile:
I sgs-1397 !

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