Can't login to forum

I decided to boot my Manjaro KDE laptop for the first time in a while, ran all the updates then went to login to the forum and its telling me wrong login/password. I’m 100% sure its not the wrong user and password. Played with that for a bit then just created a new account. My problem is, I dont want to have a new account. I really want to get my old account back. Did that account get deleted because I havent been on in a while? Thanks in advance!

P.S. If devs are wondering what account Im speaking about, My user was ChipN3CDX. Could you reactivate that if possible?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Please read the post below ─ it will clarify things. :wink:


uhm…so this would explain why I also couldn’t login since quite a bit, thought my account was just deleted so registered second time onto this new (that former probably had nicer look, more modern and this seems to follow more Xfce or KDE Breath2)…anyway from scratch account