Can't login, loops me back to login

I just installed manjaro for the first time but I’m stuck at the login screen, after typing my password the screen goes black for a second then I’m back at the login again.

After ctrl+alt+f4 I ran sudo pacman -Syyu as suggested online but the update fixed nothing.

Please help a noob out, I was really looking forward to using manjaro but this has made me regret switching distros.

Thank you

i see from your user description that you have the Nvidia 750ti. What drivers you installed and what ISO you used for install?

I got the official kde plasma iso, not the LTS one.

I only ran the installer and rebooted, I haven’t installed anything, including drivers, nor do I know how to do so.

From the installer Grub menu you can chose Proprietary or Free drivers. Simple like that, and that will be also “inherited” by the installed system. In some cases on the installed system the Free drivers will not work, and Proprietary drivers might have been updated to video-nvidia when you need video-nvidia-470xx … as this always needs manual intervention.

See Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro and ask any question if you get stuck.

It seems that installing manjaro or just running the live environment has some randomness to it that caused this problem.

I first booted the livecd using efi, this caused my WiFi to not be detected, so I rebooted using gpt, my WiFi was detected so installed the os that way. This is when I ran into that login loop.

I then tried again with efi, this time my WiFi worked fine so decided to install and now the os is working fine after I rebooted.

So after retrying it now works automatically.

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