Can't login after new install

Hi everybody, I’m new to Linux so I wanted to try Manjaro Gnome which I installed in dual boot. However when I want to login, the password I set up previously is apparently wrong.

I saw and followed this thread :

But after booting with kernel option, it’s asking for the “super utilisateur” password and I can’t figure out what this is.

Thanks by advance for your help !

By default, the superuser uses the same password as the user you created during installation.

Unfortunately it’s not working (I’m pretty sure about the password bc I checked it twice when set up)

Is there another solution ?

Have you removed the installation media?

Yes I did after the installation of manjaro

Ok finally resolved it by myself. When I set up the password the “alt gr” key were not activated so I wrote a “à” instead of a “@”. But when I launched manjaro the key was activated so I put a “@”. I don’t understand why the “alt gr” were not usable during setup but it’s all good now !

I also did learn this the hard way:
:warning: Never EVER!!! use language-specific keys in your password !

Once i got stuck with a not working keyboard-layout. My password had a german-umlaut ü in it. And i could not login because there is no way to get an ü with the english keyboard-layout :rofl:
But you may use any key that extists on your layout AND the english layout :sunglasses:

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