Cant login after grub file changes

Hi guys, i had same problem like this topic
i used solution, so i added acpi_backlight=vendor in /etc/default/grub and now i cant login on my no-root accout. When i enter password screen is reload and back to login modal again…

Can someone help me please? Any idea what can went wrong? Best regards.

  • switch to another tty via ctrl+alt+f2 for example and login there
  • revert the problematic changes to /etc/default/grub
  • sudo update-grub
  • reboot

Thank you for your answer!
I tried this on my root account but it not resolved my problem

Ok guys, I almost resolve my problem. I installed gnome desktop and it works… Almost… becouse i back to problem from morning, i cant open any application like vscode, slack, discord. I clicked icon and nothing happens

You guys have any idea what can i do now?

Can the programs be opened from the terminal?

So you must have done something else besides that edit.

Do you see any errors in your journal after the login failed?