Can't login after changing keyboard model in settings

Hi! I've been playing with the keyboard layout (from the keyboard settings of Manjaro), because my media keys weren't working on Audacious (I could have asked that, but instead...), and while changing between them, the UI disappeared and appeared a screen similar to this:

I restarted and it all goes okay, until I try to login, I put my password and then goes straight to that screen (photo). I've access to tty, tried startx but gives me an xorg error.
Here's the log file (/home/mangiare/.local/share/xorg/)
I have no idea how to fix it, and I guess this kind of needs to turn into a bug report, since it was something that could happen to anybody :confused:


Try to open terminal, there learn where are the keyboard keys you need to type now to login and password, then log in ,remove what you did and don't change things till you back up files first.

Not sure if this will help.

Post output

cat /home/mangiare/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log

I'm sorry but it didn't give me a file so I can't give you all of the text.

I made a bit of research, I happened to have a live cd of Manjaro, I confused layout with model, and found that ''Everex STEPnote'' is causing this. So I think I need to figure out where Manjaro stores this info so I can manually change it to pc105 which is the default.

cat /home/mangiare/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit

I don't know anything about that, I just try to provide the available help for experts.

Here it is!

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Real Time Kernel

Maybe the Kernel is wrong ?
Try mhwd-chroot (manjaro-chroot) and instal LTS kernel.

Using rEFInd, I also have 4.14 and 4.19 but they all have the same problem.

I guess the glibc and/or lib32-glibc got corrupted somehow.
Try to update the system:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
then, probably need to:
sudo pacman -S glibc lib32-glibc

It didn't solve my issue :confused:

For xorg it's normally at


Delete that file so the defaults are activated.
After logging into GUI configure it properly.
Use MSM gui. Read more

Oh I checked the file and it doesn't exist. I also used a copy from the live cd and it didn't work either.
I used setxkbmap, but I'll give localectl a try, thanks!

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So according to localectl pc104 is in use, the problem is somewhere else. I've no idea now, and I don't really want to reinstall.

Maybe you have more to say about what you had done and if some update or installation was included in that sequence.

Did you use TTY or chroot?
Create a new user and try logging in that. I suppose you are on Gnome or Cinnamon? Any other info? What have you tried and how from the tutorial?

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I was scrolling through keyboard models until I got to Everet STEPnote, that broke the UI and showed me the black screen with the text that Manjaro shows when booting, I restarted and after trying to login it gave me the same screen. I think I was using 5.0rt, xfce.
I used localectl on TTY as mentioned on the Arch wiki (I read both) and changed to cz, us pc104.
Ended up just formating and reinstalling Manjaro, since I didn't have much and the little I had I just moved them to another partition.

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