Cant log into i3, or awesome or qtile or any DE from the gnome login screen despite having them listed

I just installed i3, awesomewm, qtile, and I cant log into any of them. I do see them in the gear icon on my gnome login page, and yet when I select them, it just gets me to a blank screen and then back to the login page. It’s like a loop. Nothing I select other than gnome works, not even gnome on xorg.

If it helps, I used to dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04, after which i decided to change to manjaro, and now i sort of triple boot?. I have manjaro grub installed which can boot into any of these 3 os. I used to be able to access other dms on ubuntu gnome, but cant seem to do so with gnome.

Also, an issue that i think is somewhat related is that i cant present my screen on anything, teams, gmeet, zoom, and cant even record on OBS. It just shows a black screen. When looking into the possible solutions, I stumbled upon trying Gnome on Xorg, which again, I couldn’t log into because of the above mentioned problem.

How can I Fix this?