Can't log in to desktop. Shows a different login screen

Hello, last day after installing manjaro, I was scrolling through the installed applications and saw kwallet. I thought it won’t be useful and uninstalled it. Today when I login, a popup keeps coming asking for kwallet. And then I had to enter my wifi password again. And when I open brave, another popup says brave requires kwallet, please enter password. I realised something was wrong and went into the app Store and installed the kwallet application back. After that, no system app launches. Like settings. So that I could go and disable kwallet subsystem because read that fixes the problem. There was no shut down button so I force shut down. Now when I restart, it shows a different login screen with ‘session’ on top and a blue background. But when I enter password and press enter, nothing happens. I don’t know much about fixing it. I’m just starting out.if there is a way to fix this other than to restore the timeshift backup, please help.

What command did you use for that? Also please share your pacman-logfile.

Restoring old state with a timeshift snapshot is something that could fix it, any reasons not to try that?

Hello, thank you for replying. I uninstalled it with the app Store. And the reason for not restoring a backup was because I did a lotta stuff after the backup I had. So didn’t want to loose all that work. Well I urgent needed to get into the system so I had to restore the backup. Problem is now fixed and I disabled kwallet subsystem

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Glad you got it fixed. My obvious tip: Make timeshift snapshots more frequently! :grin:

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