Cant install windows 10 from bios legacy mode

Currently I have Manjaro installed on my desktop. I started going to university and I will need Windows for some softwares. I have 500GB harddisk and want to install windows in same harddisk . I have separated partition for windows too and made a USB bootable.

Although usb is detected in bios couldnot install from it.
I hope there is a potentially easy fix to my problem .

use ventoy for flashing your isos on usb… and then select the usb to boot in legacy mode

Windows installations are unsupported and off-topic for this forum.

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is that similar to isoimagewriter?

i dont know isoimagewriter, so cant compare it… this is the link for ventoy
so use it according to the link, and then boot it in legacy mode …

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Thank you for your suggestion @brahma :smile:
I have been trying to do dual boot for many days but I don’t know why even after making my USB fully bootable , I couldn’t boot it from bios but know ventoy made it so simple and easy.
Now I can use both Manjaro and Windows 10. :innocent:

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