Can't install pi-hole

I want to install pi-hole for ad blocking but I ran into the ‘OS distribution not supported’ error in setup. I saw a few solution suggestions for skipping the OS check process in their forum and tried them but I still have the same issue. Has anyone had this situation and knows how to solve it?
here is the output:
[sudo] password for verbayer:

[✓] Root user check

     :cccclll:.      ..,,
      :ccccclll.   ;ooodc
       'ccll:;ll .oooodc
             .. ','.
    .........  ....  .........
    ..........      ..........
    ..........      ..........
    .........  ....  .........

[✗] OS distribution not supported

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I looked there first but I did not understand much as I am not an experienced user. Is there a simpler solution to this issue except changing the distribution? Because I really like Manjaro & Arch Linux but I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to do this, also I don’t want to change the distribution for only one app.

The other solutions are:

  • run it on another piece of hardware
  • Forget about it for now until you become more proficient and will be able to follow an Arch Article.

Please read this in the meantime:


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Actually I did many things with Arch by following the Arch Wiki, but this time I got confused. But thanks for the advice and for the article you gave below.

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maybe I can try that on another pc with a wsl distribution which supports the app.

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If you have a raspberry-pi you can also create your pi-hole on it, this way you can also use it on many other devices, even remotely :wink: if you let the raspberry-pi always turned on with a remote access opened.

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Yeah, that is a choice too. But I’d prefer to have the pi-hole in my pc.

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