Can't install manjaro-xfce-19.0-pre3-200120-linux55 - rsync error 11

Booting from an usb drive with Manjaro XFCE 19.0pre3
Connect external usb HDD
Tried to install Manjaro on that external drive, with Boot loader on external HDD.
If fails after about 10 to 20% with following error:
2020-01-27 ManjaroXFCE190pre3

P.S. On another external usb HDD (no connected at same time), some months ago I installed XFCE 18.1 without issue (also with boot loader on external hdd).

how have you created the iso ?
which tools have you used ?

Sha256 of iso is correct.
Tool from Win10: PassMark ImageUSB V1.3 Build 1006
to create the bootable usb stick.
Then boot with it and starts lauch the install

Can you try a different USB writing image ?
Like Etcher ?

I definitely suggest Rufus if you're using a windows app to create the stick. So far it is the only tool I have never had an issue with (that wasn't a broken USB stick, of course).

Same if I burn the usb stick with SUSE Studio ImageWriter 1.10 under Manjaro

With another usb key

why are you using only / with 64Mo i'ts too little
==> 10Go or more required

Oh God, I though 64Gb

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