Can't install manjaro on laptop with nvidia card

I have HP Pavlion laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 card. I created a bootable USB from manjaro gnome 21.1.4-210927-linux513 iso file using rufus. When I boot from the USB into the first option (Using Open Source drivers), it shows the HP logo for a few seconds and then shows a black screen. When I use the second option (using the proprietary drivers), it just shows a black screens. I’ve tried to edit the params: removed the quiet param but no avail. I have secure boot disabled and fastboot also disabled in windows. What can I do?

Use balena etcher or ventoy to create the bootable ISOs as Rufus can have some problems with it.

tried with both. have the same response

I had the same problem with Asus ROG flow 13 nvidia 1650 max Q. Checked in another PC the usb flash is running ok. It was from two months ago, and I checked it had kernel 5.4 LTS

I also have a Manjaro persistent install on an USB, failed to boot. I went to TTY, manually connect to wifi from the terminal (which is not easy if you are new) using wpa_supplicant (since it doesn’t have ethernet) and installed a newer kernel (Linux 5.14). Then I boot perfectly to my gnome 40 desktop.

So, maybe you also need a newer kernel for your laptop. In my case, I searched, and I need at least 5.14 for a few things.

I tried searching for manjaro .ISOs with newer kernels, but I’m not sure how to get or make one. Maybe someone can help you with that.