Can't install Manjaro Gnome 21.10 Arm edition on Rasperry PI 4 due to keyboard fail

I have been unable to install Manjaro Gnome 21.10 image onto disk. The keyboard works fine but suddenly fails during the Install To Disk where it asks for new user name and password. I can’t type anything.

most likely hardware error

detach the keyboard and reattach it

Is it a USB or other attached keyboard ?

It’s a Logitech USB keyboard model K350. It’s not hardware error because after quitting the Install to Disk, the keyboard works again in the Gnome Desktop and going back to Install to Disk, the keyboard fails again at same place

Can you check the USB settings in the UEFI Bios ?

How do i do that in raspberry pi 4 or does it even exist?

You should provide such info in your OP - both device type and keyboard type - this would prevent a lot of questions where members are poking holes in the dark.

Have you tried using another USB port for the unifying receiver?

Unplug when failing and plug in another port?

I am a little confused as I do not seem to have some needed info. If you are trying to run the setup from the rpi and installed the image on a usb drive and the keyboard is wireless you need to add some distance between the rpi and the ssd drive or it will cause interference with wireless devices.

I have no rasberry PI 4, but a computer normally has a Bios.

@Darksky I’m running into the same/similar problem but with an odroid-HC4 and 21.12. The mouse is working fine. keyboard won’t enter anything in the installer window. If I switch to tty1 I’m greeted by gdm and keyboard works fine. If I go back to the installer on tty2, keyboard doesn’t seem to work anywhere.

As a janky workaround, I just wrote entries in a text file on tty4 and copy-pasted with the mouse.

FYI @Keruskerfuerst ARM devices don’t usually have a bootable BIOS and Apple hasn’t provided access for years.