Can't install manjaro blackscreen/no graphical interface

First of all, I’m not sure if this should be in this subtopic or support / graph, but here it is.
This is my setup.

cpu: AMD FX-8350
gpu: AMD PowerCollor PCS + R9 390

I had a dual boot configuration with Windows / Ubuntu and decided to try manjaro, but I was unable to install it. I’ve always had problems with linux distros, but this time I couldn’t find a solution, I can’t install the manjaro, because I find problems in everything I try. if i try to install it with free / non-free drivers, a black screen appears when it tries to load the graphical interface. if i try to run the installer with ** nomodeset **, it will stop at ** [OK] reached the graphical interface **. I also tried it with older versions 20.0 and ** architect ** with ** linux-419 and xfce **, but nothing worked.

Does anyone with AMD hardware had these problems? Any hint that could help?