Can't install kvantum. Missing adapta-black-breath-theme

When I try to install kvantum I get:
Error: Failed to prepare transaction: target not found: adapta-black-breath-theme

I’ve tried kvantum, kvantum-manjaro, as well as refreshing mirrors. I’m not really sure clear on why this is a dependency, but I assume that the default kvantum theme uses it in some way.

It shouldn’t be as it’s only in the AUR. Remove kvantum-theme-manjaro for now.

There are old theme packages like that that need to be adjusted / dropped. Time to do some more housecleaning…

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I was able to get installed with pacman, just not pamac. Also the dependency list for adapta-black was pretty crazy: it included Inkscape :smiley:

Fixed with kvanum-manjaro 0.13.5+1+g333aa00-1.

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