Cant install GNOME with Manjaro Architect under testing branch

Hi. I don’t know if it is a known issue but when I select testing branch in architect image, after selecting kernel, I see no “gnome” entry in installing desktop env. section. Any idea?

Architect tests the profile for missing packages and if it is valid. When a problem is detected it gets skipped. Maybe you want to test out the latest regular Gnome ISO, which is also available in minimal version: Downloading File /gnome/20.2.1 - Manjaro Linux - OSDN

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Thanks for your reply! I have downloaded and installed it already. Then, I switched to the testing branch and fixed known issues. No more issues so far. Thanks again.

Btw: I used the new 20.2.1 GNOME ISO for Architect install. I mean i didn’t use the architect one. In new GNOME ISO (live), I did:

sudo pacman-mirrors -aB testing -c Germany

Then started the manjaro-architect. Maybe that can help for the solution.