Can't install by AUR Cisco Packet Tracer

Hi, I need to install Cisco Packet tracer and I got an error no matter which version I choose. So can someone help me with this?

Unfortunately, you have no provided enough information for anyone to assist you on this.

We need to know what this error is. It is best to just give us the full terminal output of this issue.

Please also remember to use ``` before and after the output.

Follow the instructions of this post: How to get Cisco Packet Tracer on Manjaro? - #6 by cfinnberg

You’ll have to adjust the version, but besides that is the same.

Ah, from reading the AUR comments, it looks like this has an ongoing versioning issue, which is why your way works better than using pamac build packettracer.

@p1xlize , you should always read the AUR comments of an AUR package before installing it as comments can tell you what is wrong or right with a package, and what you can do to fix the issue.

As side note I don’t get because is often used the desktop enviroment tag in AUR support threads, your running DE have nothing to do with AUR problems

Yes. This package is not designed to be build automatically. You have to do it the way I’ve shown as far as I know (or do it manually with makepkg)

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