Can't install BlackArch repository in Manjaro



Hello, i am trying to install black arch repository in my beloved manjaro and I am using this guide: (installing on arch) and everything is going fine but when i run command:

pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch

Nothing is showing and honestly I don’t have any idea what to do. script is working fine and ends with “BlackArch Linux is ready!”

Anyone have idea what is going on?


this again.

and more, just search.


Yes search. Feel free to screw up your install, and please whatever you do don’t make a Topic “Added Blackarch repos and now my Manjaro won’t boot, HEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!” Just reinstall when that happens.


Here’s 2 link for you


Does anyone ever get the feeling of deja vu around here?


I think what I meant to say was…

Does anyone ever get the feeling of deja vu around here?


Might have read that somewhere today.


If only I could search into the forum


Hmmm… sounds like a case of deja vu?



Guys, come on, I am not a moron. I need one small repo from BigBalckArch for ssh attacks, not gonna replace all repo to make juicy conflicts. I’ve seen these threads but didn’t find any answer to this specific question(maybe I am blind).


BlackArch isn’t fully compatible with Manjaro so…it seems like a pretty bad idea. This is what VMs are for.

It should work fine up to this point. If you are not getting results for pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch, either you have a typo in your grep or something went wrong with the script.

Check each step one at a time. Did the mirror get added to pacman.conf? Does the BA mirror get refreshed when you do sudo pacman -Syy?

Of course, if you do get it working it will probably break other things…


The Matrix is changed regularly here’bouts.


10 bucks says you dont need blackarch repo for the tools you need. Or was it the one tool you need?

Care to share? Maybe there is a more reasonable way of installing that one package.


Why does nobody forum search before asking something like this?

Without specifics nobody can help you, given Manjaro + BlackArch is not feasible.


If you know the package you want you can install that without adding their repo and breaking the rest of the installation.

Otherwise, pretty sure the tool is already available in the repo or the AUR.