Can't import vCard file into KAddressBook

I exported the address book from a Samsung phone as vCard (about 300 contacts) and tried to import that *.vcf file into KAddressBook (official repository), but the imported address book shows 0 entries.
Tried it serveral times, but the import never worked!
In a text editor I see those 300 contacts in that *.vcf file.
Does anyone has a clue?

Hi @Masalababa
Have you tried to re-logon to your user after the import.
I remember something that the contacts don’t show up at first but after a new logon they are there.
Please try.

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Maybe It doesn’t support importing multiple contacts from a single vCard…
You could try to split the single vcf file into multiple that only contain a single contact…

There might be other ways to convert on the internet, beside this python version…

That’s it !!
Thanks you for that hint, it saved me a lot of time.

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Thanks for mentioning that alternative.

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