Can't Get Tor Browser to Work

I have downloaded tor from the tor site, and followed their instructions from that site. All goes well until I double click on the “tor-browser_en-US” icon. This icon has a lock in the bottom right-hand corner.

I don’t understand why the file is locked…I am the owner and only user of this desk-top PC (amd ryzen 5 3600). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

The working approach is to download the archive - and you don’t need root to use it.

Doubleclick the downloaded file and select the folder tor-browser_en-US and click Extract.

Open the extracted folder and double click on the Tor Browser Setup icon.

This opens a window - select Connect - and you will be connected - back in your folder - note the shortcut has now changed to Tor Browser - and that is it.


Thanks for your advice.

My problem is that tor-browser_en-US is locked. When I double click on it, I am told Could not enter folder /home/…

Seems like I don’t enough permissions.

We cant guess at what you have done … so maybe it would help if you showed that?

Were you using sudo in your home directory? (dont)

(I just checked … downloading the archive … it has normal permissions and is read/write ready, etc)

Changing permissions you have - without permission …

As we have no way of knowing what you have done or what other folders/files are affected - wipe your system and reinstall …

Thanks for helping. Very much appreciated.

All good now.

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