Can't get Realtek RTL8192EU 802.11b/g/n WLAN Adapter to work, maybe driver updating help?

Howdy, I have a dual boot Manjaro and windows computer here and I cannot seem to get any reception from my Realtek RTL8192EU 802.11b/g/n WLAN Adapter. I assumed I maybe had to update the drivers, so I connected my PC via USB tethering and I tried going on a github link to install drivers for it, but its Debian based and some of the packages don’t work for arch, and is confusing trying to convert it from apt to pacman.

The adapter is showing up on lsusb command, which is a good sign I suppose and it works on the windows partition. What can I do to get this USB device to work on Manjaro?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I had the same issue a year ago. Installing 8192eu-dkms through pamac solved it.
It might be in the AUR repository, so you might have to enable it.
Hope this helps.

odd question, do you know if it maybe in the yay repo also? just wondering.

yay is just another AUR helper program - like pamac or the graphical GUI for it (pamac-manager)
There is no special yay repo.
It will work.
Command line switches are the same as in pacman.

Your system has to be fully updated.
The package group “base-devel” has to be installed.
That is what pamac will do when you enable the AUR support.

thankfully I got the requirements. Thank you so much.

Hey I was gonna ask I have pamac installed, but what is the package supposed to be for the drivers? (in other words what do I put in terminal?)

I thought you knew?
I thought you checked whether what @murrayo suggested was the correct driver?

AUR (en) - rtl8192eu-dkms

… what the command would be?

yay -S rtl8192eu-dkms

yeah, I put

“sudo pamac install rtl8192eu-dkms” and I didn’t find a target. that is why. I used pamac. my bad folks.

Don’t use pamac with sudo - it will prompt you for the password.
Same goes for yay.

You might want to refresh the mirror list and database.

yay -Syyu rtl8192eu-dkms
might do that as well

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didn’t work. couldn’t find the package. could I try git clone maybe?

This IS the name of the package.

I can run this command and it will start to download and build.

Something needs to be refreshed on your end - is your system up to date?

yeah I updated it an hour ago. I could try again updating it. everything is updated. But I did do a git clone command, and the end of the installation, this popped up:

“ERROR: Missing 4.19.271-1-MANJARO kernel modules tree for module rtl8192eu/5.6.4.”

of course you need the kernel headers for all the kernels you have installed
you want to build a kernel module …

Then I will try to install (in my case I think reinstall because I think I did install that package)

you really have the 419 kernel installed?
and use it?
I don’t think that the headers for that (or the kernel itself) is still available.
But that is just a guess …

I thought I did, I may have had installed a different package. I tried to install something I read online that supposedly was that (ruh roh :confused: don’t do what I did )

well I don’t know what to do now. Should I just continue to use USB tethering then or get a new adapter?

Well - what do you think now? :wink:

… thinking won’t help much - checking will

manjaro settings manager GUI or mhwd-kernel on the command line

If you can’t install the headers for all your kernels - this one included - you will not be able to build the driver package.

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yes its in there (4.19), I installed it. If I installed it then I configured something wrong

The settings manager only installs the kernels - you’ll have to take care of installing the matching headers.
pacman or pamac or pamac-manager …

If you can’t install the headers - and you don’t use that kernel - remove it.

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Alright then.