Can't get past the boot log screen, it just restarts and the loop continues

I’ve been trying to install manjaro since a long time but everytime when I boot using a usb flashed with manjaro’s iso, the boot log screen displays all the log and suddenly my laptop restarts without any error or nothing, and I cant get past the log screen

I’ve tried xfce, cinnamon, i3 (both minimal and full versions) but the only one that has worked so far is i3, but I want to use xfce as it’s lightweight

How do I fix this?

Hi @ItsSB, and welcome!

Well, I can’t help you with why, especially seeing as i3 worked. I can, however, say that Xfce is not the only lightweight desktop environment around.

The LXQt and LXDE editions are also lightweight. I have even heard it said that KDE Plasma has become more lightweight than Xfce. Check out the spins section fore more.

Try to compare the kernel-version and the kernel boot-parameters used with i3 and with xfce