Can't get my Sound Blaster ZxR internal sound card to fully work


I just installed Manjaro Linux and for some reason I cannot get my Sound Blaster ZxR sound card to work properly. The speakers connected to it produce audio, but I cannot get audio through my headset if I am connected via the ACM or the Sound Card directly. I have changed the audio options for this device to be “headphones” but still I am not getting any audio.

I have heard a lot of people have had issues with this card in the past, but a lot of these issues should be resolved (what I am being told). What am I doing wrong? If you need me to provide more info, just let me know!

I have a SoundBlasterX AE-5, to get Headphone Audio working I had to do the following:

  1. Open Terminal → Type sudo alsamixer
  2. Select the Soundcard (F6 → Select Card with Arrow Keys and hit Enter)
  3. With Arrow Keys navigate to “Front” and unmute it with the Key m
  4. With Arrow Keys go to the right end and set Output Select to Headphones (this might be only a AE-5 thing, not sure)

It might look different for you, but I’ll recommend to change stuff in alsamixer (e.g. unmute / mute stuff).

Good luck!

If it works, you can save the settings with sudo alsactl store. In my case, even with saving it reverted the “Front” muting after reboot, I had to write a script, which waits a few seconds after login to set the value.


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