Can't get BIOS/UEFI to detect GRUB on NVMe

The title pretty much says it. I don’t have this problem with Ubuntu, Arch or Win10. I can use my USB drive with Manjaro on it to detect Grub and boot that way but it’s rather cumbersome. It’s not a dual boot or anything, and the Efi partition is mounted at /boot/efi as you would expect. I tried installing systmd-boot and rEFInd but no luck with them either. Not sure why this would be any more difficult than on Arch, any ideas?

Check if the partition type guid is correct. With cgdisk it must be of the type 0xEF00

If the partition type is correct the partition does not have to be mounted for the system to start.

Ah yes, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the issue as the partition is indeed ef00. Very troublesome.

What does efibootmgr -v say?

Thank you for the suggestion. I can’t copy the text over right now but I’ll try and give you the gist. It shows the boot order just as it is shown within the UEFI settings. It shows the HDDs and the Manjaro thumbdrive, but no trace of the NVME the Manjaro is installed on.

I hate wildguessing. Pls come back when you have more details like parted -l, lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,LABEL,UUID,SIZE,PARTTYPE, efibootmgr -v, status of Secure Boot (mokutil --sb-state or efivar -p -n $(efivar -l |grep SecureBoot)), model and version of your motherboard and bios, etc.