Can't get alpine xen linux patch : can't build xen-igvtg

Hello to everyone.

I would like to compile the xen-igvtg package that I’ve got activating the AUR repository. Below are the commands that I have issued :

pacman -S lzo
pamac build xen-igvtg

The error has been the following :

can’t get

can’t build xen-igvtg. what to do here ?

The patch seems to not be found on the server.

Maybe double check with the patch providers (alpine maybe?) and see if they moved, renamed or merged it?

thanks. Yeah,I’m not able to find it. I’m not sure if I can bypass this problem if I switch from manjaro to Arch linux distro. what do u think ?

I don’t think so. You probably need to edit the PKGBUILD and remove the patch from the source and prepare sections.
Maybe notify the AUR package maintainer.

but if I remove the patch from the source,it will break !

I don’t know what the patch does. But you need to take it up with the patch maintainers/AUR packge maintainer.

where I can find him ? I’m new to this system.

His name and contact info should be in the top lines of the PKGBUILD.

EDIT: I just looked up the package on AUR, and it has not been updated/maintained since 2016…
You might need to find another solution.