Can't finnd iso file - manjaro 20.2.1

Hello, at first i would like to point, that this is my first time trying to use linux, and also first time trying to do something more tech’y and serious than uploading mods into the game, sorrey.

To the point…

Im trying to temporary use my external usb drive as a testing place for the manjaro, then mayby switch from windows :stuck_out_tongue: The thing is that i can’t find iso file to makie the bootable drive, witch im assuming (witch the help of a rufus) is the only way to setup a new system. I was trying to use different proggrams and different files, but no succeded :c

Thank you in advance, and also Im sorry about english, i will try to write it better if you can’t understand me.

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Usually the links to the various downloads

Link to latest ISO available at

The download archive is available at

yeah, i was trying to use that one before.

I can’t download it ,Your requested resource is not found"

That one will download same file as the first one :c

Hey, @alchoni i, welcome to the manjaro forum! I see it’s your first time in linux! So I think booting from a usb may be hard and risky for you as you don’t know much. So i suggest that you use VirtualBox. Don’t worry, it’s not as risky as it sounds. But first, i need your hardware specs! If you don’t know how to get that than go to Start menu > Windows Administrative Tools > System Information.

If you can, Ctrl+s and a .nfo file will be saved. Upload to drive or something and give me the link. Again, IF YOU CAN.

Im using MSI gl65 Leopard

-i5-10300H 2.56/4.5GHz
cores: 4/8
-DDR4 8GB 2666mHz
-Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 4GB-GDDR6
-Intel UHD Graphics630

I’ve already set it on VM but I had a problems and so, decided to try it ,normally"

Cool. So you shouldn’t have any problem. Now, do you want to just try it for just on time or use for a few days or more?

well, if I had a hollyday, I would probably del. windows and only setup manjaro, but now I’m afraid that I won’t be able to attend online classes :smiley:

The idea is that when i will have linux, i won’t waste as much time as now on windows and maybe start delve into the techy world :smiley:

currently im downloading the latest link from linux-aarhus (ty), then i will post file names and dolders if it’s still borken.

Awesome! That’s the spirit! only those with such philosophy success!

Hmm… Well all you need to do online classes is a browser right? What do you think linux is?

Well, if you want to boot it from usb, then you couldn’t save your progress on it. You would have slower performance than you would expect. And if you had problems installing on VM, then use a pre-installed instead! You can download pre-installed virtualbo VM(s) from If the problem wasn’t about installation and something else, then tell me!

If you really don’t want to use virtualbox, then tell me. Don’t boot from USB on your own as you could mess up many things without understanding.

Yeah, Im just afraid that something will broke, or more possible I will broke something :smiley:
Then, maybe i will just backup my things, and setup manjaro normally after todays online classes, is there anything i shoud know before that haha ?

Nope. I (we) can get you up and running within minutes

If you break something, don’t worry. Linux community (us) is so dedicated we will fix it for you. You will just sit back and relax. Eventually, you will fix problems of noobies to linux

ten komputer = this computer
pobrane = downloads

type: (i can’t post links)


edit: sketchy way to comunicate, i hope you understand :smiley:

You didn’t have to do that. Use the preformatted text widget(Ctrl+shift+c). Then paste the link.
LIke this:-

Nooooo! You don’t just go inside the drive and look for an .exe file. That’s not how it works. Guessing that you used rufus, check out this video. if something doesn’t add up then tell me.

If you want instructions from me, then tell me.

And don’t go step-by-step. Watch the whole video first.

phffff, i have no idea… accualy I watched this wideo and now, i have done same thing as yesterday but now it magicaly worked

ok, i will try to boot it now, brb, and just one more thing… it created only efi file on my ext. hard drive